Teaching, Eating, and Reading

God is so good! Our first few days in Kathmandu have been amazing and full of the grace of God. We met many people who are so warm, friendly, and welcoming. Life in many ways is very different here, and our days seem to mainly consist of doing our best to teach, eating delicious food, and relaxing while reading. Jeff has taught his Apologetics class for two days now and so far it is going well. The students have said that it is very interesting. Jenifer has taught English Conversation for two days as well, and it is quite a funny and difficult experience. We have both gone to evening Bible Study and at the ladies Bible Study, one of the Nepali women, Rebecca, invited us over for dinner. Rebecca put together quite the feast for us complete with delicious Nepali tea, Nepali egg rolls, Dalbot (americanized spelling for Nepali word), and ice cream. We were so full! Dalbot is the Nepali meal with rice and lentils, and very often there are curried veggies. Most Nepalis eat this for lunch and dinner everyday, they love it!

Last night was our first night on the town and it was wonderful! Hannah, Leah, and Jenn took us out. We went out to a Thai Restaurant for dinner, shopping, Nepali tea at a very cute coffee shop, and we went to see The Dark Knight. It was 150 rupees, which I think comes out to about 2 USD maybe, we are still trying to figure out the exchange. It was a great time and the ladies are just wonderful to us.

Well we are off to church! In Nepal church is on Saturday because it’s the only day off. Jeff is preaching this morning!

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  1. Sounds exciting- can wait to see all your photos. I would love to see all the local everyday places your seeing. Things are well here . Your cars are still here :0) and the tree still stands . Can we call your cell phone ?

    write more ,this is exciting , David

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