The craziest driving we’ve ever seen

We are officially in Kathmandu…all we can say is wow…it is a totally different world here…fascinating really, our first experience was getting from the airport to our house via car…let’s just say there’s no such thing as traffic laws, and really any semblance of order…I don’t think we could drive here if we wanted to. The people we are staying with are really quite nice and hospitable, we had a delightful American style meal last night after a day of seeing and meeting quite a few new people and places for that matter. We were both exhausted after lots of time on planes, but it is good to be here. Jeff starts teaching tomorrow (the 24th) so today we will just rest and relax…It’s good to be here…

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  1. Hi from david in Tacoma
    I hear you about the traffic . honk your horn and drive. India is the same.I am praying you make Jesus known where ever you go

    see you soon, David
    p.s. its been sunny and warm every day :0)

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