The mid-summer classic!

We find ourselves one week out, and are quite anxious to go. There are a lot of little things that have to happen this week before we go. The curriculum is coming along quite nicely, I am getting more excited about the class and teaching it…Jenifer is putting together her stuff for the conference she will be teaching at. We also will have an opportunity to take books and bibles into the himalaya villages…how sweet is that!! Anywho, we could use prayer especially this week as we finish preparation. Pray that our teaching will be effective and culturally relevant.

On another completely different note and not so serious one: Can the NL please finally show up at the All-Star game, for the sake of us NL fans…please, please, please win! I am sick of the NL looking like the minor leagues in the all star game. As for predictions surely to go terribly awry, I’m calling NL 7, AL 5, Chipper Jones MVP…

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