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So I am absolutely fascinated by this time change…it boggles the mind that as I type this almost all of you are asleep back in the states…craziness. And as you read it, we will be sleeping. At any rate…I just think back to our plane ride and one of the screens you could look at was a view of where it was daytime and where it was nighttime as we flew…I may or may not have spent significant time watching night fall on different parts of the world as others were waking up as the darkness slowly crept around the globe. With that being said we’ll discuss things that are actually relevant to what we are doing here in Kathmandu.

I preached yesterday morning, it was quite an interesting experience. A good experience, but an interesting one. The service went two and a half hours…which wasn’t so bad, especially as I preached for almost an hour of it. But the tough part is the sitting cross legged on the floor for the entirety of the service. Preaching with a translator is quite difficult, as I have never actually done such a thing, I found it to be quite distracting, and as the Nepali language flip flops the order of their sentences some of my sentences lost a bit of meaning. But God is good, and I know that God’s word is always a blessing, and it was a joy and honor to be able to preach in their service. Within the service there was perhaps an entire hour devoted to singing…mind you it is quite difficult to stay focused on worship for an hour when you don’t know a word of what they are singing. Thank the Lord for the wonderful hymn “How Great Thou Art,” for no matter what the language one can sing along with it. Overall the service was a joy, it was so great to be able to worship alongside of so many Nepali believers.

Yesterday was a Hindu holiday…I believe it was the worship of the rain god…I can’t recall the name but they worship these two towers that look suspiciously like trees so that the rain will come. It is quite interesting as they do this during monsoon season when it rains everyday anyways. There was a huge gathering closer into town which we saw…it brings great sadness to see so many people tied up in the bondage of a lifeless religion.

Another thing of interest here in Kathmandu is that we lose power quite frequently. Last night we didn’t have power from probably 9 at night to about 10:30 this morning…with no power means there is no water…very different than home…this happens quite a bit, there are two planned power outages per week on tuesday and thursday nights…then the rest of the time it is a best guess when there will not be any power. One of the ladies we are staying with seems to think last nights power outage was a result of the festival as the towering idols get paraded around town knocking down anything and everything in their way…including power lines. This place is so interesting and so backwards…there is so much here that is do very very different from our daily lives in the states…and there is a certain beauty to the pace and speed of life here…no hurry, no rush, it’ll happen when it happens.

Please pray for us this week as we continue to teach our classes (apologetics and english). ALso pray that we will continue to get to know the people here and that we may be a blessing to them. Thanks for the support and prayers!

Now we are off to hike up to some Buddhist temple that is on the top of a hill…should take an hour and a half to get there…can’t wait!!

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  1. Hi you two!! We tried to leave a comment early this morning (Sun 7AM), but it got lost because I (Erin) apparently didn’t log in properly. We printed out your blogs and had Paul Winebrenner give a synopsis during the welcome/announcements this morning. Prayed for you as a congregation, and many (including us)are praying that you would make a huge difference for Jesus Christ there!
    You missed a wonderful “Homegoing” service for Marlene Pedersen yesterday. What a blessing to hear from the many people whose lives she touched for Jesus. PTL. We love you guys and looking forward to your return!! Picnic in the Park this afternoon was a great outreach. Yay!!
    with love in Jesus,
    Erin and Bill

  2. I just got back from two weeks in random parts of Albania so I haven’t had any internet and just got caught up with what you two have been up too. It’s been fun to read your descriptions of your reactions to being in a new place. The fascination with timezones and the inability to make sense of traffic at first are definitely things I can relate too. I pray that the rest of your time is good and I look forward to reading more. I’ll hopefully update my blog in the next two days (aka my last two days here in Albania! Yikes).

  3. The other evening at about 6:00 pm, after a rather trying day, I wanted to call you (since it was 10:00 am the next day in Nepal)and ask if tomorrow was going to be a better day!!! Now that is wierd!!!

    Sounds like you are having experiences you will never forget. It is good to hear about them; it gives instant and much needed perspective!!

    Love you both- Toni

    PS The tree and your cars are still here.

  4. Hey Jeff and Jenifer,
    It was great to read your blog this morning when I got to work. Oh to be a fly on the wall and get to experience your new surroundings along with you! =0)
    Praying for you today – that the Lord will give strength and stamina as you seek to make the most of the short time He has given you there.
    karen p.

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