A blast from the past…

The past couple of days have indeed been a blast from the past…It feels like we have been stuck in 1992 all over again. Between class, chapels, and small groups we have been reminded of the times we had growing up in the church. Today I had the opportunity to teach the students the game that is so “cleverly” or “cheesily” called “Sword Drills.” Yes, that’s right, I had my students waving their Bible’s in the air anxiously awaiting me to call out the next verse I was to have them look up so that they might be the first to stand and read the verse…all for a piece of candy. I haven’t done a sword drill since, yeah, like 1992. Not only that but many of the worships songs sung in the chapels and in small groups are great little diddy’s like “Thy Word,” “I Am a C-H,” “Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord.” Many of these songs I haven’t actually sung for years. It was kind of weird and at the same time refreshing. I had forgotten about many of these choruses, and decided they need to make a comeback in the states. We should turn back the clocks of sorts on worship.

We have been doing more walking around and exploring of the city…it’s definitely a chaotic city…stuff is always happening…on any given day you could have riots or strikes or religious ceremonies. You never know. (Note to parents: we are fine, we have only seen such things at a distance, and have been safe…if you avoid them, they avoid you.) There is very little semblance of order or control, much different than in America. But here, the people are used to unrest, and chaos, it is a part of life and culture. I (Jeff) went for my first run here in Nepal with one of the guys I met here, it was great, difficult but great. Things I learned you must consider when running in Nepal. One, hold on to a rock so if at any time you are attacked by stray dogs you can scare them off between kicking and throwing (Again, note to parents, I was not attacked, just told to do such things as precautionary measures.) two, no amount of training can really effectively prepare your lungs for the terrible air quality, the air is really rather gross, sometimes we would run right through clouds of exhaust from a truck unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Three, watch out for rocks…there is very little even ground here…many roads are dirt and have rocks jutting out all over. It was great to go on a run, I will probably do so again. It is so interesting to have to think about certain things that would never be an issue back home.

As far as teaching is going, it has been really good. The students seem to be understanding that of which is being taught, so that is a plus. I covered transcendence and immanence in detail today (thanks Dr. Willsey!!) It went well and I think they actually understood it, we’ll see when the final comes around. It has been fun and even though it took over a week many of them are much more relaxed then the first couple of days. Jenifer has been working with a number of ladies and is really enjoying getting to know them and pray with them. She will be teaching on sunday so pray for her…it’s her big day to shine! I will be preaching tomorrow morning, I will be at a different church so I will bring the same message I brought last week to the other church. I tell you what if I don’t have Philippians 3 nailed down after this I don’t think I’ll ever get it! Three times preaching the same message gets a little tedious, but that’s ok…the Gospel message never gets old!!

Anyways, God has been good, we are learning a lot and it is difficult to articulate all that we are taking away from this experience, it is definitely invaluable. We are blessed to be here, and blessed to see how the other side of the world lives. What a joy it is to serve the men and women who will impact this nation for Christ…it’s really a cool thing.

On a side note…today I encounter some Rockmanites…scary, if you don’t know who these people are they are a group who believes that the KJV is doubly inspired…it is sad that even here in Nepal the issue of which translation of the Bible to use is evident (the even more sad thing is that it didn’t come out Nepal itself, but the missionaries from the states who brought the fight over). It is interesting to see the things that churches face in the states are some of the same things that happen here as well. Sin is sin, no matter where you are.


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  1. I laughed out loud at the two “note to parents”. How well I understand the anxiety they might feel. After all we spend a majority of our children’s early years keeping them safe…It’s a hard habit to break.

    We will be sure to pray for Jenifer on Sunday — oops that would be too late. We need to pray for her Saturday morning right?

    What a life changing time this is for the two of you. I am sure God’s continued blessings of safety and insight will be yours.


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