Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

It only took one day – apparently the sun is pretty bright here – too bad we packed the aloe away in the truck. 

It’s good to finally be here in San Diego. In a lot of ways it’s a bit surreal. It was just this past May that we first came down to visit NieuCommunities down here; in June we made the decision to join the apprenticeship for this next year; last week we actually moved. We have officially been down here for a week now. There’s something strangely exciting and terrifying about packing everything up and saying goodbye to dear friends and family – to saying goodbye to your support system, to letting go of your safety net. It’s in those times especially where your faith becomes real. It’s the place where God tends to force you (most of the time uncomfortably so) into a place of responding to the question “do you trust me?” For Jenifer and I that question rang over and over again in our ears. “Do you trust me that I will provide for you?” Do you trust me that I will protect you?” Do you trust me that I will follow through in what I’ve called you to?” 
It’s funny that even in those times of coming face to face with those questions of faith, God’s faithful to provide wisdom, guidance, and encouragement right when you need it. He doesn’t simply just let you wrestle with those questions alone. God speaks through His Word, God speaks through His people, God speaks. Both Jenifer and I were amazed that in the midst of struggle and wrestling with life shaping decisions God was faithful to speak. Over and over again God’s voice quietly nudged, “move forward.” And so we did. And so, here we are.
Our first Sunday gathering
What a crazy week it’s been. As many of you know we didn’t exactly have a place to live as we headed down here. With that little “detail” still in flux we were thrilled to be able to come down and stay with some new friends while we looked for a home. The community here has been such a huge blessing. Not only have they welcomed us with open arms, but they have welcomed us into their homes and lives and have even helped us in our house hunting endeavors. The crazy thing is God provided us with a home within 4 days of being down here! And just like that, God whispered into our hearts, “I didn’t bring you down here to fall on your faces – do you trust me?” It’s amazing that whenever we take steps of faith, God’s faithfulness shines through. We move into our new home on October 1st. In the meantime we have the privilege of staying with one of the families down here. There have graciously opened their home to us while they’re away on vacation. Jenifer and I have already been able to join with the community in our Sunday gathering times which are great times of worship through song and teaching as well as fellowship.

The next two weeks really are adjustment weeks for us. Getting used to living down here, exploring some areas of San Diego, taking a deep breath and enjoying the rest before the apprenticeship actually begins and finding good coffee in San Diego (which I liken to trying to find Waldo in the midst of all the fake Waldo’s…it’s not so easy).
We are thankful for your prayers and encouragement. Please continue to pray for us as we enter into the apprenticeship at the end of the month.
Here are some specific ways you can be praying for us:
Pray that we would get settled into our new home quickly come October.
Pray that God would continue to provide the financial support that we need.
Pray that we would be connected quickly to our community and be able to build relationships with those who are far from Jesus.
Peace, Love and I guess Baz Luhrmann was right, we really should have used the sunscreen.
-The Otts
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