Jot it down…before it gets lost.

Today I had the opportunity to head over to the Mission Basilica, San Diego’s Misison for some prayer and reflection. Walking the grounds of the Mission is always an amazing time of connecting with God. Few places do I feel the presence of God more palpably. To think that the spaces of that Mission have been filled with prayer for over 250 years blows me away.

As I sat and prayed, I pulled out my journal, a journal I first received back in 2008 by two very dear friends as we were embarking on our first trip (as a couple) abroad. We were headed to Kathmandu. I opened the first page and was blessed to read the note written in it.

In case there is no electronic medium available when your senses are alive with what you are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting – jot it down in here before it gets lost.

Wow…I teared up a little bit reading that little note. That was July of 2008…It’s amazing to see where God has taken us over the course of these past five years. And yet, I felt the weight of that little note and its importance even today as we experience, sense, and learn new things…we can’t lose them.

I thumbed through some of the entries and came across one that stopped me in my tracks. I felt like I should share it.

I am sitting in some coffee shop in Kathmandu; who would have ever thought. It is amazing to me that six months ago the very idea of Nepal wasn’t even on our radar. God has a funny way of working things out. The things you often least expect, God can use. I must say I do like it here. There are so many things to take in; it is still hard to wrap our heads around what is happening. I am still not sure why God has brought us here. I pray that God continues to unravel that mystery for us. Is he  leading or preparing us for missions? Is he simply calling us to step out of on faith? One thing I do know is that God is faithful and that we are where we are supposed to be. We can rest in that. Kathmandu is very different than home; but that’s ok, it’s a good different. It is so good to see another part of the world. What a joy it has been to meet so many wonderful people. I trust God will use this experience in a mighty way as he already has. The thing is, I can’t help but think that God is continually moving us towards bigger steps of faith. I feel like we will end up on the mission field. I don’t where or when, but I just feel like the next time will be a big step. I have every bit of confidence that God will prepare us and move us where we need to be. It excites me. This kind of work excites me. Building relationships and serving God’s people excites me. Father, move us like we’ve never been moved. May our hearts be tuned to your voice. It is my heart’s desire to serve you and glorify you in all that I do. Amen.

As I sat in the Mission’s sanctuary and reflected on something I’d written five years ago, I was overwhelmed with the reality of how faithful God has been in using our time in Kathmandu to shape the rest of our lives. We are in San Diego right now, because God used that time in our lives. We are headed to Spain for a vision trip in April, because God used that time in our lives. We have answered God’s call for us to be full time missionaries, because of that time. And so here we are in a new season of life, preparing, learning, and seeking after God, knowing He has, and will continue to shape our lives as missionaries for years to come. It’s funny, I feel like I could have written that journal entry today…

God doesn’t waste experiences, even when we have no clue what he’s doing, I am thankful for the reality that God is using our experiences to make us more like Jesus. I need to be reminded of that: what I experience, see, taste, hear, sense, each and every day – God is using.