Lessons From A Construction Site

My son loves “digger trucks.” LOVES them. Our house is stocked with digger truck puzzles, sheets, toys, books. He was a construction man for halloween. He can’t get enough of the digger trucks. Lucky for us (or unlucky for us), our neighborhood has been under construction as long as I can remember. There have been digger trucks in and around our neighborhood for well over a year. And we’ve made sure to visit them. Repeatedly. 

One afternoon, a couple of weeks ago we needed to get our dog some exercise. Getting ready to go, my son asked if he could come with. “Of course,” I said. But before we could get out the door he asked in his two-year old english “go see digger truck?” And before I knew it, we were out the door on the lookout for diggers. 
As we walked, we talked about digger trucks, our neurotic dog, and the things we saw in our neighborhood. As we continued the walk, my son blurted out, “run daddy.” And he took off running, desiring me to chase him. As I started to run he took my hand and we ran together laughing and trotting as fast as his little legs could carry him. Smiles for both of us from ear to ear. We took breaks intermittently, simply to “catch” our breath.
Finally we arrived at those diggers. The best part – they were all still working. Eyes wide, he became overwhelmed with excitement. We stood there watching them come and go for a while, squealing with delight every time the excavator unearthed more road or the digger truck carried dirt across our path. He could have stayed there forever.
We then began the long walk back. But instead of walking, Emerson took my hand again, looking up he asked, “run daddy?” And so we did; we ran most of the way back, hand in hand, laughing and smiling. In the midst of one our sprints through our neighborhood God’s Spirit spoke right to me. 

“This is the same way I enjoy you – in big moments or small…” 
“I take joy in you and the things you love.” 
“I want to run with you, laugh with you, celebrate with you.” 
In that moment of joy with my son, God spoke to the depths of my heart. What a beautiful reminder. I’m thankful for the ways my son continues to teach me about God and how He cares deeply for me, wants the best for me, actually takes joy in me! Something as silly as trotting down the street and laughing with my son became a sweet moment and example of God’s care and love for me.
It’s funny how even the moments so simple and sweet can often be the times God speaks so vividly and lovingly. May my ears and eyes continue to be open to experience God in all moments big or small.