A Snapshot of Our Ministry

In the shadow of the largest and most powerful institution in the world lies a country who’s rendered the church nothing more than tradition.

Ministry Need:

From its pagan ancestry to the most powerful institution in the world, few places on earth have as complicated a faith history as Italy. Most people view Italy as a “Christian” nation due to the Vatican’s powerful influence, however the reality is that generations of Italians are growing up wrestling with questions of vocation, calling, identity and significance completely void of the Church.

  • 0.5% of Italy is Evangelical Christian (mostly due to immigrants and the Gypsy populations). That’s less than India, Africa, Japan, China, or Russia.
  • There are over 100,000 licensed witches in Italy; 3 times the number of priests.
  • Italy has never had a spiritual revival.

Ministry Vision:

Our desire is to birth long lasting legacies of faithful Jesus followers who are being sent out to create fresh expressions of church, church planting movements, and other missional communities in Italy and throughout all of Europe. We are called to mentor young Italians in the way of Jesus, helping them to discover the unique areas God is calling them to serve by creating spaces of safety, hope, healing, and learning in their lives. 
As a result a new generation of leaders will be developed who are intimately connected to God, know themselves 
as His children, and live into their unique Kingdom contribution.

Ministry plan:

To accomplish this vision, we believe God is calling us to

  • Live alongside individuals and families in Italy who have yet to align their lives with Jesus.
  • Coach, mentor, and train young Italians to follow and love Jesus, to share their faith, and grow in their skills and gifts for the advancement of God’s kingdom.
  • Actively engage and invest in our neighborhood through prayer, meeting practical needs, coaching families, and being present in and around our neighbors.
  • Encourage the local church by helping them develop a life of mission.

Ministry Impact:

As a result, we believe that in this next year God will use us to:

  • Develop close, personal friendships with 10 people in our city and neighborhood and begin discipling them toward Jesus.
  • Start 3 investigative Bible studies with people who would not identify themselves as followers of Jesus.
  • Work with 6 young Christian leaders through coaching, mentoring and training in the areas of life with God, mission, and personal sense of calling.
  • Pioneer 1 new Missional Community in another European city within the next 5 years.