Get Up and Eat…

Moritz Berendt
Elijah in the desert

“Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you…” 1 Kings 19

The awakening of God is quite a simple and gentle thing. It is not a violent shaking nor an order barked out by an officer. No, it seems a gentle touch, a word of invitation spoken with such kindness and care. To be sure, the awakening of God gives us time to come to. It offers us provision for the journey that lies ahead. And even if we take the provision set before us, the grace of God gives us leave still to return to rest. The invitation to awaken not withdrawn, rather held and returned to in due time.

The awakening of God has no need to set direction but simply enlivens the soul to move as it was always meant to go – towards the very heart of God. There is little drama, only the touch of God who knows you were made to live and the words of a God who sees your need.

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